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“I spent my formative years reading Freud, Jung and Erikson. I spent the next few decades reading Buddhism. Color me schizophrenic. Then I had the great good fortune to meet Jeffrey Rubin, a classically trained therapist who had read everything in the Western and Eastern traditions --- and, to my delight, had found a way to blend the two in language so simple he sometimes writes for Oprah's magazine. If Jeffrey weren't my friend, I'd hire him to help me with my issues.”
Jesse Kornbluth (former Editorial Director of America Online; author of six books; former contributing editor of Vanity Fair; now edits HeadButler.com)

“I’ve been involved in two different programs in which Jeffrey Rubin played a critical role. In both of them – one involving senior executive women and the other a group of couples enrolled in a series of meetings over a year – Jeffrey’s calm insights and remarkable ability to help participants come upon those insights as if they had known them all along were invaluable. He has an amazing capacity to help people figure out who they are, where they're going, and why. He’s a pro, but with a calm approach that can work miracles.”
Susan Willett Bird, Esq. (Founder & CEO Wf360 -- The Creators of Brandversation)

“Rarely in my life have I met a person with Jeffrey’s purity of purpose. I am often disillusioned by how praised ‘emotional gurus’ move their audience through shallow quick fixes. This may explain why despite the explosion of “self-help” books, shows, seminars, internet sites, etc., the number of people enduring emotional depressions continue to spike. I know that Jeffrey’s call to action is motivated by a compassionate desire to help his patients, his audiences and his friends to achieve a whole and meaningful life. Dr. Rubin’s extensive study and understanding of Eastern thought help us integrate Eastern contemplative-driven philosophies with our Western action-driven life."
Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni (former President and CEO of Ferrari North America; member of YPO; author of Selling Dreams: How to Make Any Product Irresistible)

“Dr. Jeffrey Rubin is a fund of solid psychological information and insights into the human condition that he expresses in poetic, easy to digest language. A great resource for all that ails.”
Joni Evans (A founder of wowOwow.com – women on the web; former senior vice president William Morris Agency; member of the Young President’s Organization, the Women’s Forum and a founding member of both the Committee of 200 and Women’s Media Group.)