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The New York State
Society for Clinical Social Work
50th Anniversary Education Conference
April 27, 2019

Dr. Rubin will discuss his grounding in traditional and contemporary psychoanalysis and his study of Buddhism, which led to his innovative approach integrating eastern and western practices to deepen and enrich the therapeutic process for therapists and clients.
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Hello, everyone. Thank you for stopping by. I’m delighted to welcome you to my website. Connecting with my readers and people interested in psychotherapy is always inspirational – it literally gives me life. Touching lives is a big part of why I write and practice therapy.

My website has two purposes: You’ll find information that readers are curious about – my books, upcoming talks, blog, articles, and an interview – and material people interested in psychotherapy might appreciate like my philosophy of therapy, information about presentations and workshops, and how to contact me.

Please feel free to get in touch. And I hope that something here nourishes your life.


Meditative Psychotherapy is available as an ebook from Amazon here.


The Art of Flourishing now in bookstores, online or as an ebook. May also be ordered on sites linked above.


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You can change. You can find love. You can flourish.

In more than thirty years of studying, practicing, and teaching Eastern meditative and Western psychotherapeutic disciplines, I have discovered that combining both paths is profoundly more effective than following one alone. In The Art of Flourishing, I have integrated meditative, psychotherapeutic and yogic practices to show readers how to thrive and live well, even in times of upheaval - This is Meditative Psychotherapy. With an easy-to-follow, accessible strategy, The Art of Flourishing gives readers the tools to resolve the challenges that interfere with achieving enduring fulfillment within themselves and their relationships.